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The Journey to Software Crafts(wo)manship

The Value of Mentorship

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When making the decision to start a new career, you might find yourself a little lost. This can lead to a lot of online searches, reading articles and books on the subject at hand, and trying to understand quite a bit of contradictory advice. Instead of more online searches and questions posted to forums, the best investment you can make is in finding a mentor to help you through the maze. Throughout my journey, I’ve come across great mentors, and have been starting to see patterns that emerge during a mentorship that make the relationship valuable and fulfilling for both parties.

Lessons Learned as a Budding Programmer

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A little background

I wasn’t new to computers five months ago when I started gSchool, a 6-month intensive & immersive course in learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails, but I might as well had been.

I had spent the previous six years as a web designer who had a knack for getting things to work right. I had set up VPS servers, built up content management systems, and even began building lead generation systems from scratch in PHP with MySQL backends. I had heard acronyms like OO and MVC, but really didn’t know how to program in an object-oriented way, or why models, views, and controllers even mattered. I came to gSchool thinking I would naturally be a top student, as I had been in other courses and programs. I quickly realized this wasn’t the case, but it took me some time to come to terms with that. Looking back on the last five months I think I know why, and hope to be able to help others learning how to program understand what is happening if they come across similar frustrations.

56 Days Until Takeoff

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56 days from now, 26 students from gSchool will be closing their laptops, saying their goodbyes, and getting ready to start their careers as software developers.

Dashing Down the Rails

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It’s amazing to look back on my time here at gSchool and realize that at this point in time, if I were in a shorter bootcamp program, I’d be graduating today.

Running Rails With PostgreSQL Locally

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I had a few issues installing Rails for the first time with PostgreSQL locally, and since the problems I was having as a newbie in both were not well-documented on the internet, I thought I’d post a rundown of what happened and how I fixed it.

Scraping a Website, Building a CMS

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This week, we started a quick-turnaround project in Sinatra called Clone Wars. Our challenge was to pick one of five local businesses, build a CMS for their existing types of content, and then scrape their existing website into our database — all in three days.